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" I  try to  apply  colors  like  words  that  shape
 poems,  like  notes that  shape  music. "

              ~ Joan Miro

                                  Izabella Pavlushko  is an abstract artist.

        For over 10 years she has been working in the style of geometric abstraction and
        exploring the potential of geometry in art.
        In her work she connects geometry with spirituality and create forms that  would
        provide the same emotional power as musical composition.

        Geometric abstraction  is  one  of  the very complex directions abstract art may
        move in.  Each  geometric  form is  the object having mathematical  coordinates.
        Each  element  is  a  vibration  which  breaks  the  bounds  of  our  space.

         All  works  of  Izabella  Pavlushko  form  a matrix
         of  our  objective   reality   and   perception. They
         are  as  mysterious  and  incomprehensible  as the
         geometry  of   the  Pyramids  on   Earth and  Mars.
         Her   paintings   expose   the   essence   of  things.
         The  whole  composition,  like  Mozart's  music is
         dictated  by  the  highest  natural  forces.


        Izabella's paintings can be found in private collections
        all  over  the world.

        Numerous   invitations  to  exhibitions  have   resulted
        from  the  invitation   to participate  in   the Biennale
        in  Florence.


        Interiors   of   halls,   restaurants  and  offices  can  be   decorated   by these works.
        They   are   original    and    carry     complex   charge   of  esthetic   satisfaction,
        offering  a  welcome  relief  from  day-to-day  stress  and  a   connection   to good
        spirit   and   energy.

        Many  of  this  artist's  work  can also  be  considered  as design  for  stained  glass
        windows  and  mosaics  because  they  are monumental.

        Complex  multi-plane  composition,  novelty of color  interpretation  of an action,
        and   a   high   level  of   skill    attract  the   audience   and  connoisseur   of   art.

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